Alastair Borthwick’s Legacy

Alastair Borthwick was a famous author and broadcaster from Scotland. He is known for his participation in Second World War where he made a huge win against the Germans. As a writer, Alastair’s books focused on the working class in Scotland and the leisure activities in the country and the nature of the Second World War. He grew up in Troon, Ayrshire but relocated to Glasgow when he was eleven where he attended high school. Alastair completed high school and began working for the newspaper houses in Scotland. He worked for both the Evening times magazine and the Glasgow Weekly Herald as a copytaker. As a result of a large number of employment vacancies in the company, Alastair had different roles in the institution. Borthwick discovered mountaineering on one of his roles and quickly developed an interest in it. He also worked in London for Daily Mirror magazine, but it did not last for long since he moved to BBC Radio broadcasting. It is in BBC that his fame as a writer began.

Alastair Borthwick interest in mountaineering drove him to join the war effort against Germany. He used to spend plenty of time on mountaineering and had become a major expert at it. As a captain, he worked for the intelligence office and also did campaigns. Alastair was a brave and patriotic man and got promoted rapidly to lance corporal. His major contribution to the Second World War occurred while he was working for the 5th Seaforth Highlanders. He would lead men to the Germans at night, and in the morning the Germans would be trapped.

Alastair Borthwick wrote to great novels that become famous, unlike most authors. His first novel, Always a Little Further was all about the mountaineering sport and his encounters with hunters. Borthwick’s other novel Sans Peur concentrated on the Second World War. It contained all the soldier’s experiences as they navigated their way in order to win the war.

 In September 2003, Alastair died. He is still remembered for his legacy up to date. He had a comedic approach to mountaineering and his contributions to the Second World War and patriotism to his country made him of great importance.