Talk Fusion University- Launched

Bob Reina is the head of talk fusion- he is the company’s founder and CE0. He was introduced to direct selling in the 90s and developed a four step plan to sell to users. Reina emphasizes that you need a good team.


He has made available videos at Talk Fusion University and these could to anyone anywhere. Bob Reina has a strong following that supports his work and work ethic – and this has kept his following world wide.


Reina can point to proven network and industry experience, and other competitors wish they have this type of background- Reina has come through the system and has worked hard to top. Talk Fusion is now to many consumers having launched in English and Bahia. They are offering free trials – and this is a great boost for consumers.


While Reina cannot guarantee success he can provide a good platform for those interested in success. Rein has a long background, and was a former police officer in Hillsborough Co, Florida before starting networking marketing. He has a good mix of dealing with individuals and also emphasized that team work is important to success.


Reina developed his system years ago and now believes that he has honed it to the point where it works for customers and users. Talk Fusion University will surely be a big part of Talk Fusion’s training program and outreach in the future- and Reina’s experience will be helpful to get Talk Fusion moving successfully in the right direction. Learn more:

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