How IDLife Offers Personalized Health Supplements

IDLife LLC is a company which provides health and vitality supplements to its customers. Their products are supported by network marketing efforts and each of their products can be customized to each person’s particular nutritional requirements. The company is led by its Chief Executive Officer Logan Stout who is also the founder of the company. Other key executives include Mark Bennett who is the general counsel and chief operating officer and Joe O’Connor who serves as the chief financial officer. Laura Brandt is IDLife’s president.

IDLife was founded in May 2014. Logan Stout has long had an interest in healthy living and sports. He has been a professional baseball player and also established the Dallas Patriots. His network marketing experience came about through working for Ignite which is a company in the MLM field.

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In order to buy IDLife’s products people are directed to take an online health assessment which is provided free of charge. Their answers to questions about their health will create a customized nutrition supplement which is ideal for their health. The health assessment is HIPAA Compliant which means that the information it collects by federal law has to be protected and kept confidential.

The health supplements that IDLife sells are offered with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. IDLife also encourages people who buy their products to first run it by their primary care physician to verify that the product is right for them. As they note on their web page, the products that IDLife supplies are not FDA approved and are in an unregulated market.

The nutritional supplements supplied by IDLife are designed to help people lose weight and then maintain that weight. They are designed so that people who take them feel better and have more energy. Their spokesman is Troy Aikman who is the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

The products supplied by IDLife are made using high-quality ingredients and are free fillers and additives. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free. Additionally, the products are soy free which helps those who are allergic to this ingredient.