Betsy Devos and her Political Background

The appointment of Betsy Devos to the position of education secretary (in a governmental department in which many of the top positions are currently empty) drew surprise from many governmental watchers last winter. Ms. Devos, who is a billionaire and who served in Michigan as a Republican Party chairwoman, as well as as a leading advocate for charter schools, seemed to lack the experience needed to take on such a high profile position in the Trump administration. Given that, many expected Ms. Devos to act as a generally meek team player in the new administration. Those who know her from her work in Michigan, however, claim that though Ms. Devos is publicly gracious, she is also a determined and tough political fighter who has used her family fortune in order to influence allies as well as political rivals. She has also been known to work behind the scenes to push lawmakers who have opposed her out of office.


The Transgender Policy Fight


This last winter President Trump took action against the federal policy that would allow transgender students to use bathrooms that matched their new gender identification. In public, Ms. Devos actions seemed to indicate that she supported President Trump’s action on the policy, as she stated that the policy itself represented an example of “overreach” on the part of President Obama’s administration. In private, however, Ms. Devos had a meeting in the days before the announcement was made, letting the representative of gay and transgender employees in the education department know in advance of the announcement, so they could be prepared.


A Wealthy Background on Both Sides of the Family


Ms. Devos great fortune comes from her own father, Edgar Prince, who started an auto parts company in Michigan, as well as from her husband, Dick Devos, who is the son of a founder of the Amway products company. Given her great fortune and her lack of a real need for or connection to public schools, many people questioned her appointment to the position of education secretary. As we are learning, however, there is no doubt that Ms. Devos takes her position seriously, and is ready to dig in and fight for what she wants and what she truly believes in.


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Betsy DeVos Philanthropic and Political Accomplishments

Betsy DeVos is a reputable American politician and businesswoman. She is the current United States Secretary of Education and the eleventh in the history of the country. She was born into a wealthy family of activists and philanthropists in 1958. Her father, Edgar Prince founded the Family Research Council while her brother founded the Blackwater USA. Mrs. DeVos is an active member of the Republican Party. Apart from her roles in the national government, DeVos chairs the Windquest Group. The group is privately owned and invests in technology, clean energy, and manufacturing. It was founded in 1989. She has been a board member of numerous political and non-profit organizations as well as businesses. The organizations include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation that she founded in 1989 alongside her husband Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos is used to be the president of Amway.


The politician has a desirable educational background. She attended Calvin College where she graduated with a business degree in economics. DeVos was elected to the students’ Senate of the college while she was still a freshman. She pursued another undergraduate degree in the same institutions and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She began her political career in 1976 when she took part in the presidential campaign of Gerald Ford. She has served as the Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan and also as the chairperson of the Michigan Republican Party in the past. She played an active role during the 2004 Bush presidential reelection campaign. She served as the Finance Chairperson for the National Republican Senatorial Committee during the reign of President Bush. She vied for the Michigan gubernatorial seat in 2006 on a Republican ticket.


Betsy DeVos has earned a reputation because of her active roles in fighting for educational choices. She supported the Detroit charter school system. She played an active role in opposing the amendment of legislative laws set to increase oversight of charter schools. Moreover, she is currently a board member of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Betsy DeVos has played active philanthropic activities in Michigan and in the United States as a whole. Alongside her family members, she founded the Great Lakes Education Project. The advocacy organization specialized in amending the Michigan state constitution to allow the public to fund both private religious and secular institutions of learning. Betsy DeVos is also a co-founder of both America Federation of Children and All Children Matter organizations. The American Federation for Children advocates for school vouchers and scholarship credit programs in the country. Her foundations have donated huge amounts of money to charities and organizations. She has funded the Loudspeaker Media Inc., Success Academy Charter Schools and the Alliance for School Choice among other organizations and institutions.


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Securus Technologies Contributing Immensely to the Advancement of Crime Prevention Technology

Technology is playing a crucial role in the development of many sectors, and one of the industries that have greatly benefitted from the use of advanced technologies is the inmate communication sector. Previously, it used to be cumbersome for the inmates and their families to stay in contact, and it often led to stress and breaking up of relationships due to lack of communications between the inmates and their loved ones. However, thanks to the advanced inmate communication technologies offered by companies like Securus Technologies, it is now possible for the prisoners to talk and see their loved ones more often than previously.


Securus Technologies has helped in the development of many breakthrough technologies that are making it possible for the inmates to stay in touch with their loved ones. One of the useful services that the Securus Technologies recently launched is the video visitation service that would allow the inmates to virtually see and talk with their loved ones through any iOS or Android Smartphones or devices. It would reduce the need for the family members of the inmates to travel all the way to the prison, saving them a considerable amount of time and money. Securus Technologies has ensured that it keeps the standard of its services high, and it is for this reason that its customer service is known to be amongst the best available in the industry.


The law enforcement sector also has only the good things to say about Securus Technologies due to the investigative solutions and services provided by the company. The company recently released a press release on the web where it disclosed many of the excerpts of the letters of appreciation sent by the law enforcement officers. It showcased the love the company is receiving from the law enforcement officers, who are using the crime prevention technology provided by Securus Technologies.

How IDLife Offers Personalized Health Supplements

IDLife LLC is a company which provides health and vitality supplements to its customers. Their products are supported by network marketing efforts and each of their products can be customized to each person’s particular nutritional requirements. The company is led by its Chief Executive Officer Logan Stout who is also the founder of the company. Other key executives include Mark Bennett who is the general counsel and chief operating officer and Joe O’Connor who serves as the chief financial officer. Laura Brandt is IDLife’s president.

IDLife was founded in May 2014. Logan Stout has long had an interest in healthy living and sports. He has been a professional baseball player and also established the Dallas Patriots. His network marketing experience came about through working for Ignite which is a company in the MLM field.

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In order to buy IDLife’s products people are directed to take an online health assessment which is provided free of charge. Their answers to questions about their health will create a customized nutrition supplement which is ideal for their health. The health assessment is HIPAA Compliant which means that the information it collects by federal law has to be protected and kept confidential.

The health supplements that IDLife sells are offered with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. IDLife also encourages people who buy their products to first run it by their primary care physician to verify that the product is right for them. As they note on their web page, the products that IDLife supplies are not FDA approved and are in an unregulated market.

The nutritional supplements supplied by IDLife are designed to help people lose weight and then maintain that weight. They are designed so that people who take them feel better and have more energy. Their spokesman is Troy Aikman who is the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys.

The products supplied by IDLife are made using high-quality ingredients and are free fillers and additives. They are also non-GMO and gluten-free. Additionally, the products are soy free which helps those who are allergic to this ingredient.